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Rebecca Spitzmiller


Professor (Agg.) of International Business Contracts and

Lecturer in Comparative Law at University Roma Tre


2013 – Present: Professor (Aggregato) of International Business Contracts and Lecturer (Ricercatore) in Comparative Law at Università degli Studi Roma Tre, Law Department since 2008, confirmed in fall 2012. Have taught “International Business Contracts” (with sole didactic supervision) in Fall Semesters 2013 - 2018. Taught and coordinated guest lectures, from 2007 to 2012, in “International Business Contracts” with Prof. Andrea Zoppini. Special topics in this course have included modules on Mergers and Acquisition, with Avv. Fabrizio Arossa; Trade with China, with Prof. Paolo Farah; and Negotiation, with Prof. and Dean Emeritus Joseph Harbaugh.

2016 – Present: Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) Global Institute Rome, Italy. Taught “Entrepreneurialism and Startups in the European Context” in Spring 2017 and 2018. “Business Ethics and Leadership” in fall 2016 and 2017; “Power and Networks in Italian Business” in Spring 2017.

2010 – Present: Instructor at LUISS University School of Management, Rome. Taught, with Prof. Roberto Pardolesi, in the master’s course “International Comparative Law and Antitrust,” covering also some areas of Intellectual Property from a business perspective.

2010 – Present: Instructor in Italy’s Consiglio Superiore della Magistratura each year in courses generally entitled “Legal English for Italian Judges.”

2010 – Present: Instructor in Italy’s Scuola Superiore dell’Avvocatura each year in courses entitled “Legal English for Italian Lawyers.”

2016: Visiting Professor at Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad College of Law. Taught “Introduction to European Tort Law: Focus on the Italian Context” as the mini-course for the dual-law-degree program with Università degli Studi Roma Tre, Law Department.

2001 – 2013: Università degli Studi di Roma Tre, Law Department. Taught courses in “Public International Law” and “Legal English” in the Masters in European Law programme (Headed by Prof. Giandonato Caggiano).

2005 – 2009: Adjunct Professor at The American University of Rome. Taught “Business Law,” “International Business Law,” and “International Law.” Preparation and teaching of lessons, evaluation of students, participation in the academic activities of the institution.

2007: Scuola Superiore della Pubblica Amministrazione, Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri. Taught courses for professionals employed with the regions of Sicily, Reggio Calabria and Campania in Acireale, Reggio Calabria and Caserta.

2001 – 2007: Instructor at Link Campus, University of Malta, Rome, Italy. Taught “Introduction to Legal Studies,” “International Business Law,” “Legal English” and “Job Skills.” Preparation and teaching of lessons, evaluation of students, participation in the academic activities of the institution.

1986 – 1998: Assistant Professor at John Cabot University, Rome, Italy. Taught courses of “American Government,” “Legal Environment of Business,” “Business and Society,” “Public International Law” and “Independent Studies” in various legal fields. Preparation and teaching of lessons, evaluation of students, participation in the academic activities of the institution.

1978 – 1982: Art Teacher in Broward County Schools, Broward County, Florida, USA Taught art in public middle schools. Preparation and teaching of lessons, evaluation of students, participation in the academic activities of the institution. Acquired tenure.


2009 – Present: Program Coordinator for “Studying Law at Roma Tre” (SLR3, directed by Prof. Vincenzo Zeno-Zencovich; see: http://studylaw.uniroma3.it/) at Università degli Studi di Roma III, Law Department. Administer a range of law courses in English taught to Italian and visiting international students. Responsible for: coordinating professors teaching these courses, calendars and scheduling; updating course descriptions and syllabi and assuring standardized formats throughout courses; Coordinate enrolment for all courses, checking English level through examination of all Roma Tre students to assure appropriate language skills for admission. Developed and oversee content and design for this program SLR3 website, where all program information is contained. 2009 – Present: Program Coordinator for the Dual-Law-Degree program in law with Nova Southeastern University’s (NSU’s) Shepard Broad College of Law in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in addition to a Semester Abroad program there and at Cardozo Law School, University of Washington’s Law School in Seattle, University of Canberra in Australia and Shanghai International Studies University.

Disseminate information for all programs to students, faculty and administrators; coordinate with partner institutions; organize selection processes for all outgoing students including the organization of a two-week mini-course for the NSU program; run orientation and supervise incoming students from visiting US universities; supervise recognition of incoming credits for Roma Tre students upon return. Travel to NSU regularly to coordinate with faculty, administration and students.

2015: Member of Sub-Committee XI instituted for the Italian Bar Exam for those who took the exam in the year 2014, administering written and oral exam sessions held at the Court of Appeals of Rome.

2002 – 2005: Strategy Development Consultant for the Foundation for International Education, Rome Programme (FIE, headquartered in London.) 300 Fore Street, Portland, ME 04101 USA

• Liaised with London and US based staff and university educators to plan opening of study centre in Rome for US students.

• Developed a network of qualified professors to teach university courses in a number of disciplines.

• Advised on legal and logistical matters.

• Screened over 50 applicants for a permanent Resident Director.

• Helped negotiate final contract with Link Campus, University of Malta, as site for classrooms and offices for programme.

• Researched and reported on sites in Rome as potential hosts for a study abroad program for US students. Evaluated possible pros and cons, estimated eventual costs, advised as to various legal and fiscal responsibilities, explored possible operational, academic and logistical issues. Led several delegations from FIE’s London office through Rome, to visit the contending sites selected from those researched for meetings with academic and administrative personnel. 2001 – 2002: Strategy Development Consultant for the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE); New York, London, Rome, 300 Fore Street, Portland, ME 04101 USA

• Led an effort to identify an Italian university to host a program for outgoing students from US universities for a CIEE International Study Program. Drawing upon contacts developed in the public Italian universities over many years, considered, contacted, visited and helped evaluate several universities in northern Italy with CIEE’s European Regional Director. Recommended the University of Ferrara; confirmed by CIEE Board of Directors in spring 2002.

• Wrote promotional materials for the Marketing Division of the worldwide organization, describing in detail language programs for adults and young persons throughout the world. CIEE translated these texts into multiple languages for the organization in the national offices. Also supervised the translation of the texts into Italian for publication here.

• Conducted various outreach and marketing activities for the Rome office of Council Exchanges.

1987 – 1990 and 1992 – 2001 Director for Italy for the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE); Rome, Italy. HQ at 300 Fore Street, Portland, ME 04101 USA

• Managed a budget with revenues of about $1,300,000 per annum, with offices in Rome, Milan and Florence.

• Established the legal groundwork for the existence of the Council in Italy.

• Located, secured and occupied office space in Rome.

• Established bank accounts, managed budgeting and financial direction.

• Hired, trained and supervised a staff that grew from one program assistant in 1988 to about a dozen in 2001, in Milan and Rome.

• Developed and ran a variety of educational programs, such as:

"School Partners Abroad," a secondary school exchange between the U.S. and Italy;

the "University Enrollment Service," wherein Italian students enroll in U.S. university courses;

“Summer Jobs USA” which allows Italian university students to work up to four months during the summer in the US; and

“Internship USA” which allows Italian university students to perform paid and unpaid internships in the US from one to eighteen months.

• Brought annual revenues from a few million lire in Council Italy’s earliest years to some three billion lire in revenues for the last FY as Director.

• Maintained general relations with Italian officials (e.g., at the Ministry of Public Instruction) and appropriate resident American educational institutions and community, government officials, etc., (e.g. the Office of

Cultural Affairs at the American Embassy in Rome and the Fulbright Commission).

• Responsible for direct negotiation and correspondence with various Italian educational administrators and teachers, travel bureaus and worldwide offices of Council itself.

• Evaluated and reported on all program and administrative operations to the Director of Council France and Council’s Vice President.

• Attended regional and international meetings of the various Council offices.

• Determined appropriate promotion, marketing and recruitment.

• Obtained recognition from the Ministry of the Universities (MURST) in 1995, and renewed in 2000 to operate exempt from fiscal regulations in conformity with Italian law for non-profit didactic institutions.

• Obtained authorization for Council Italy from the Ministry of Public Instruction (MPI) in 1998 to offer teachers Council’s courses, which would be recognized in public schools as in-service career development training.

• Opened offices on a gratuitous basis at the Politecnico di Milano in 1996 and at the Università degli Studi di Firenze in 1999 to provide services to university students in north and central Italy.

1988 – 1989 and 1992 – 1998: Assistant to the President for Special Projects, 1997- ’98; Vice President for Administrative Affairs, 1994 – ‘97; Director of Institutional Development 1992 – ’94; Assistance to the Dean at John Cabot University, Rome, Italy

• Advised the President and coordinated relative staff during the restructuring of the University in which an operations manager and director of marketing were hired to optimize administrative procedures and recruiting efforts.

• Headed the Accreditation Committee that drafted the 5-Year Planning Document required by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools for John Cabot University to acquire candidacy for accreditation by that association.

• Obtained authorization from the Ministry of Public Instruction (MPI) in 1998 to offer teachers John Cabot University courses, which would be recognized in public schools as in-service career development training.

• In fall 1998, organized, ran and co-taught with five colleagues from John Cabot University, the PACE (Perspectives in American Culture for Educators) teacher training seminars. This was a joint project of John Cabot University, Council on International Educational Exchange and the American Language and Culture Institute, held in collaboration with the USIS office of the US embassy in Rome. English teachers attended and received 18 hours of credit for progression in their careers, recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education.

• Attended all meetings; wrote and distributed minutes to the University’s Trustees.

• Maintained archives of these meetings and certain other documents regarding the Trustees.

• Corresponded with Trustees for various purposes: to organize meetings; to update them on matters concerning accreditation, licensure, and their own election schedules; to invite them to events held at the University, to manage in emergencies, etc.

• Supervised and coordinated all admissions and recruiting activities, including the design, review and production of certain institutional literature.

• Coordinated with Dean, Admissions Director and Student Affairs Director on issues affecting student life; including orientation, registration, housing, student government, internships and assistantships.

• Served on the Institutional Resources Committee and advised on operational matters affecting the budget.

• Coordinated human resources decisions and conflict resolutions with the President and Director of the Administration.

• Advised the President and coordinated with relative staff/faculty/students regarding non-credit program development including: annual student activities like the Career Development Program, evening computer courses, English and Certificate in Management programs offered through the Frohring Management Institute.

• Coordinated with the President, Dean, Faculty and Registrar the establishment and development of the Alumni Association.

• Coordinated with the President, Dean and the Board of Trustees for all matters regarding accreditation, licensure and recognition of our degrees.

• Initiated and organized the University’s first Lecture Series; developed and managed it for many years.

• Represented the University in various matters, both internally and externally, on behalf of the President.

• Researched and developed a number of initiatives to raise revenues for the University, including the introduction of courses to dependents at UN organizations FAO and IFAD, and adult English language courses.

• Coordinated with appropriate staff, faculty and students the operational aspects and marketing for the above initiatives.

• Coordinated admissions activities, recruiting and community outreach efforts.

• Coordinated efforts to form consortium agreements and otherwise establish contacts with educational organizations in the United States, such as NAFSA

• Served as the liaison between the alumni and the university through correspondence and the publication of an Alumni Newsletter.


1990 – Present: Translator/Of-Counsel for various Italian law firms. Translating, consulting and/or researching on an occasional basis for the following law firms in Rome:

• Andrea Zoppini , 2008 – present

• Fausto De Gregorio, 1992 – present

• Carlo Maccallini, 2005- 2008

• Cristina Pieretti, 2002 – 2003

• Giuseppe Consolo, 1990 – 1992

2016 – Present: Translator and editor of various technical texts in English for companies, including Maxcom Petroli S.p.A. and Luiss University.

2008 – 2016: Instructor of Legal English at Gianni, Origoni, Grippo, Cappelli & Partners Rome, Italy. Prepared and taught courses in Legal English to lawyers at this firm to improve knowledge of specialized and comparative legal terminology.

2007: Reviewer/Editor for Translegal, Stockholm, Sweden. Reviewer for Translegal for PLEAD materials, (online blended learning units) to be used in conjunction with the course-book, “International Legal English” published with Boston University and Cambridge University Press.

1985 – 1988: Head of Legal Office: International Juridical Organization (IJO) Rome, Italy.

• Performed or supervised all legal research and writing.

• Conducted all correspondence with the various NGOs, consultants, and UN offices with whom the IJO worked.

• Wrote, edited and distributed all the institution’s literature to its constituencies.

• Translated various legal documents from Italian to English.

• Headed the Secretariat for the preparation and drafting of the "Protocol for the Protection of the Mediterranean Sea Against Pollution Resulting from Exploration and exploitation of the Sea-Bed and its Sub-Soil," commissioned by UNEP as the 5th Protocol to the Barcelona Convention.


• 1990: Passed the New York Bar Examination

• 1985: Passed the Florida Bar Examination, hold inactive membership status

• 1985: Juris Doctor, Cum Laude from Nova University Shepard Broad Law Center, Fort Lauderdale, Florida,

Publishing Member of Law Review

• 1978: Bachelor of Arts in Education: Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida

• 1985: Associate of Arts: University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida


• English mother-tongue.

• Fluent in Italian, with optimal levels in speaking, listening, writing and reading skills.

• Able to read Spanish and French.


2018: “A Comparative-Law Perspective on Street Law in Italy: Drawing Best Practices from Common-Law Traditions to Boost Civic Engagement in a Civil-Law Context,” pending publication in the book Street Law International Best Practices in honor of Ed O’Brien.

2016: “Consumer Protection, Standards and Antitrust Law in the EU and US: A Comparative Review,” Il Sirente.

2016: “Reliance on Freedom of Assembly: Comparative Perspectives,” Peace Processes and Human Dignity: On-Line Review of Law and Politics, 1st quarter 2016. http://www.peaceprocesses.it/journal/first-quarter-2016/33-reliance-on-freedom-of-assembly-comparative-pespectives-rebecca-spitzmiller

2015: “Challenges and Synergies in Reliance on Freedom of Assembly: Comparative Perspectives,” available at http://dlc.dlib.indiana.edu/dlc/handle/10535/9971

2013: Italian Tort Law, website: http://italiantortlaw.altervista.org/ covering selected areas of Italian Tort Law.

2012: “A Primer on Competition and IP Law: A US – EU Perspective on Private Enforcement,” in Intellectual Property Rights and Competition Law, by Kluwer Law International, edited by Prof. Giandonato Caggiano, et al.

2012: Associate Editor for Intellectual Property Rights and Competition Law, by Kluwer Law International, edited by Prof. Giandonato Caggiano et al. (402 pages.) Developed topical index, maintained all correspondence with publisher and 23 contributing authors, and revised linguistic and technical issues of the entire text.

2011: Selected Areas of Italian Tort Law: Cases and Materials in a Comparative Perspective, Rome: Il Sirente editrice, (225 pages). Subject of a favorable book review by Prof. Mauro Bussani in Revue Internationale de Droit Comparè, I-2013, pp. 202-205.

2009: “Exploring Students’ Engagement with the Curriculum in a Law Program Taught in English at an Italian University,” co-authored with Isabel Alice Walbaum Robinson , pp. 223-234 of “CLIL Methodology in University Instruction: Online and in the Classroom. An Emerging Framework,” Perugia, Guerra Edizioni, edited by Flora Sisti.

2009: Translations of the three legal opinions in the Eluana Englaro case from Italian to English: the Cassazione October 2007 opinion, (co-translated by Stephanie Hess and Silvia DeConca) the Constitutional Court October

2008 opinion (co-translated by Silvia DeConca), and the Milan Court of Appeals July 2008 opinion (co-translated by Silvia DeConca), for Prof. Kathy L Cerminara for her article “Schiavo Revisited? The Struggle for Autonomy at the End of Life in Italy” at the Nova Southeastern University Law Center’s website: https://works.bepress.com/kathy_cerminara/6/

2009: “Judicial co-operation practices: Use of English, mini mock trial guide: State v. Dodd,” website of the Consiglio Superiore della Magistratura, Magistratura europea e linguaggio comune.

2008: “Il documento: sindaci e salute” co-authored by I. Becchetti, L. Serrao, G. Caracci, E. Chilelli, G. Duranti, A. Vangale, C. Manuano, A. Vangale and M. Vullo, in the bi-monthly, Il Welfare dell’Italia, year 3, number 10, pp. 93-97.

2008: “Gli amministratori locali in material sanitaria: una chiave di lettura normative,” co-authored by I. Becchetti, G. Caracci, E. Chilelli, G. Duranti, A. Vangale, C. Manuano, L. Serrao and M. Vullo, in the weekly, ASI, (Agenzia Sanitaria Italiana) Year XVI, pp. 13-16.

2006: “The Phillip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition: A Tool for Teaching/Learning Legal English” volume 3, number 2, ELFA European Journal of Legal Education, pp. 111 - 119.

2001: “A Student’s Guide to Finding an Internship in the United States,” co-authored by Barbara Colacci, in Mettere a fuoco l'orizzonte; Modi e strumenti della ricerca di lavoro, a cura di Luigi Fabbris, Università degli Studi di Padova, ufficio Stage e Mondo del Lavoro, CLEUP scarl Coop. Libreria Editrice Università di Padova.

2001: “Lavoro e studi negli Stati Uniti,” Dialogo, periodico informativo degli Stati Uniti, pubblicato dal Consolato generale degli Stati Uniti d’America, Ufficio degli Affari Pubblici, Napoli, pp. 31-34.

2000: “Impact of CIEE Programs in Italy, Europe, and the United States,” for the Symposium “Educating in Paradise: Le università americane in Italia,” in Quaderni del Circolo Rosselli, 2/2001, Anno XXI, n. 73.

2000: “Lavorare negli Stati Uniti; Jobs e Stage negli USA,” Ateneo e Azienda, Anno V, March 2000, Cesop, pp.37 – 40.

1989: “I Modelli Esteri e lo Stato delle Relazioni Internazionali,” commissionato dalla Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri italiano, Scuola Superiore della Pubblica Amministrazione come parte degli “Studi per il Bicentenario della Rivoluzione Francese”, published by the Poligrafico Zecca dello Stato, Roma, 1989, Vol. I, pp. 7 – 44.

1984: Law Review Note: “An Examination of the Issues in the Florida Sentencing Guidelines,” 8 Nova L.J. number 3, pp. 687 - 721 (1984). (Cited with approval in Mischel v. State, 458 So.2d. 37 (Fla. 4th DCA 1984).)


2018: Presented “A Comparative Perspective: Packaging Common-Law Legal-Education Methodology for Civil-Law Jurisdictions” at the Annual International Faculty Training Conference of the International Consortium for Global Legal Education at Shepard Broad College of Law Nova Southeastern University “Engaging, Advising & Assessing Next Generation Law Students.”

2018: Presented “Active Citizens vis-a-vis the book Psicologia dell’informazione e del giornalismo,” by Stefano Paolillo, at Howtan Space, Rome

2018: Presented “Il processo penale negli Stati Uniti d'America e nei sistemi di common law” to Italian judges, magistrates and lawyers in the Conference: “Difesa, accertamento del fatto, ragionevole durata, Il difficile contemperamento nei diversi sistemi processuali penali,” organized by the Scuola Superiore della Magistratura, Struttura Territoriale di Formazione di Caltanissetta.

2018: Presented “Città capitali come distretti autonomi: spunti di riflessioni su Washington DC e Roma Capitale” in the conference “Una nuova governance per Roma” held at Roma Tre University.

2017: Presented “Incidenza del degrado urbano sulla sicurezza: l’esperienza dei volontari di Retake Roma nella applicazione del principio di sussidiarietà dell’articolo 118,” to the Commissione parlamentare di inchiesta sulle condizioni di sicurezza e sullo stato di degrado delle città e delle loro periferie, at the Italian Parliament.

2017: Presented the “The Application of Article 118 of the Italian Constitution through the volunteer activities of Retake Roma” at the conference “Cittadinanza attiva di domani: Strategie finlandesi e italiane,” held at the Finnish Embassy in Rome.

2017: Presented “The Educational System in Italy: A description and comparison with the US system including legal education and Roma Tre’s international offerings,” to US scholars in the CIEE Rome Global Institute’s study tour on held at Roma Tre University.

2017: Presented “Retake Roma, Expression of Subsidiarity under the Italian Constitution Article 118” to US scholars and students from Hartford University organized by CIEE Rome Global Institute.

2017: Presented “The ECHR, ECJ and Cuneo Tribunal View Prescription of Criminal Charges in Italy” at a course on “Human Rights,” organized by the Scuola Superiore della Magistratura for Italian judges and prosecutors in Naples.

2016: Presented “Issues on Prescription in Italy as viewed by the ECHR and ECJ: Varvara and Taricco” at a course on “Human Rights,” organized by the Scuola Superiore della Magistratura for Italian judges and prosecutors in Naples.

2015: Presented “Challenges and Synergies in Reliance on Freedom of Assembly: Comparative Perspectives” at the 1st Thematic IASC-Conference on the Urban Commons in Bologna, 6-7 November 2015.

2015: Presented “Le Famiglie ricostituite: un panorama comparativo,” at the Convention entitled “Le Famiglie Ricostituite” 11 June 2015 at the Rome Court of Appeals, Civil Section, organized by the Sector on Family, Minors and Immigration - Family Mediation.

2014: Organized and presented at the conference “I Custodi delle bellezza: Incontro formativo sulla cura dei beni comuni urbani” promoted by Retake Roma and Labsus, held at the Università degli studi Roma Tre.

2012: Presented "Fact intensiveness and the Importance of the Investigative Phase: Inherent Challenges and Comparison with the US Discovery System,” program "Civil Justice 2007-2013” of the European Commission, “Case management in the antitrust field: ascertaining the breach of antitrust rules and compensating damages,” held in Malta.

2012: Presented “Private Enforcement of Competition Law: An EU-US Comparative Prospective” within the program "Civil Justice 2007-2013” of the European Commission, "Training of national judges in EC Competition: The Enforcement of Competition Rules (Public and Private) at National Level and Concurrence of Jurisdictions," held in Skopje, Macedonia.

2010: “The Converging of Substantive and Procedural Knowledge in the Teaching of Law in Multi-Linguistic Higher Education Settings. Three Case Studies,” co-presented with Isabel Alice Walbaum Robinson, at the conference, “The Language of Law: pulling together different strands and disciplines,” Seconda Università degli Studi di Napoli, Faculty of Law, Caserta.

2002: Presented “America, terra delle opportunita’” at the Conference: “Il ponte delle idee; Cultura, studio e lavoro tra Italia e Stati Uniti” organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Italy, at the European University Institute, Florence, Italy.

2001: Moderated the convention “Studiare all’Estero: Le scelte coraggiose pagano” organized by Council Exchanges and by TESOL Italia, held at the Centro Studi Americani in collaboration with the American Embassy in Rome.

2001: Organized the seminar “How to Work and Study in the United States”, at the Chamber of Commerce for the US and Italy; published in Italian American Business, The magazine of The American Chamber of Commerce in Italy, July-August 2001, p. 8

2000: Presented “Impact of CIEE Programs in Italy, Europe, and the United States ” in the Symposium “Educating in Paradise: Le università americane in Italia ”, Florence, organized by the Association of American College and University Programs in Italy (AACUPI).

2000: Presented “International Volunteer Opportunities in Rome at the Imperial Forum” at the CIEE Annual Conference in Montreal, Canada.


Co-Founder of the grassroots movement “Retake Roma,” whose aim is to foster civic pride through education, public campaigns and clean-ups in Rome, where over 80 neighborhood groups are active. Coordinator of Retake Italy, which includes 30 Retake cities, following the same philosophy and mission as Retake Roma. Liaise with and involve various governmental and international offices entities, schools and civic groups. Have given numerous interviews in Italian and English on television, radio and print and web media. Co-manage our Facebook page, webpage and public relations efforts. Visual artist: Painting and drawing; exhibit work in Italy and the United States. Three decades of professional experience at various levels of responsibility and in multicultural and international settings; creative problem solving, interpersonal and leadership skills.