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  • After obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Man-Environment Relations from the Pennsylvania State University, she lived in New York City working as a fundraiser for the New York Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, (the creators of the Big Apple campaign).  She then moved to Rome, Italy and subsequently spent nine years in Paris, France and then moved to Geneva, Switzerland.  In 1989, she and her family re-located to Rome where she now lives and is a lecturer of sector specific English courses in Rome at the LUMSA, LUISS, Università degli Studi di Roma “ La Sapienza”, Università degli Studi Roma Tre  and the British Council.  During the academic year, 2013-14 she began taught CLIL History at the Istituto Pontificio Sant'Apollinare. She also collaborates on various international projects, does translations and presents papers at educational conferences.   
  • Previously, she was employed at John Cabot University for 10 years in various positions in international development, recruitment and agreements. Later, she was Director of the International Office of the University of Malta, Link Campus in Rome, representing it in the international academic and business communities of Italy and abroad to arrange international exchanges, agreements and internships.
  • In addition to her academic involvements, she is an event manager for women’s issues, panel discussions, art exhibits, book presentations and classical music concerts in various international academies and venues in Rome.  Currently she is focusing on organizing classical music concerts. 
  • Her success in both volunteer and professional performance in the international community, women’s organizations and Catholic organizations of Rome are a result of the experience she acquired in the US and Europe while in New York, Paris, Geneva, and now, Rome.  She is American-born and raised and has Italian citizenship. At present, she is  writing a book, a humorous account of her experiences abroad.

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